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My last entry -group only-

I hope everyone has prepared their bags, we won't return anytime soon!~~

Miss Edith wants to stay, and Ill let her, obviously.

So it'll be our group, just us ...

As they said in France before releasing the guillotine,

Au revoir!

I'll miss you too, Miss Edith. Be a good girl and don't kill too many. And whatever you do, leave it clean!

n____n [Screened from Koenma's faction]

Yomi-sama has sent a merry group of us to investigate that portal at the crest of the mount where Oto-kun killed that remnant of Genkai. According to the crone's database, it should be open tonight for only ten minutes *snicker* Our group has the most spectacular and varied specimens.

Karasu-kun, Suzaku-kun, Miyuki-chan, Raikou-chan, Ruka and Hagiri-kun. Of course, Otouto will come with us. Maybe we'll get shredded by the dimensional portal when we attempt to cross it.

[Private - Readable by Shishi Only]

After our small trip to the West things have grown rudely dull. There is little action really... I've only seen that squishy kid Hagiri walking around and protesting. Yomi-kun and Youda-chan are locked in his study doing strange things, no one really knows about it.

Ruka still gives me this and that glare, as if it was solely my fault she doesn't get the attention she wants. *shrug*

I wonder how Shishi-kun is doing. He looked a bit disturbed the last time we met. I hope we meet soon.

Lately, I have been reading about cannibalism, such an interesting behavior. It makes me think if I have ever commit such deed... my memory fails. Just I can't remember if it was two or three days ago n.n Shura .. such a delicious goatling morsel Yum!
So there was a castle and a chapel and ghosts and ghouls. Ruka was wearing less decent clothes and Karasu-kun was grumpy. Like always. He needs to smile more and eat sunflower seeds.

There were humans in the castle, lots of them! They spoke a weird language no one understood. But miss Edith did!

Miss Edith got the shard, oh yes she did! Currently its inside my dress. I'll send it to Youda-kun tonight when he's asleep.


ShuraCollapse )
Sooo we arrived ... I was forced into a 'plane' with Karasu and the nurse. She was wearing such skimpy clothes.. miss Edith didn't approve...

We are supposed to find a castle in this town. Karasu has the maps, I'll let him be the guide and feel important.
This country looks so different from Japan! I wonder if the humans here are as amusing as the ones at home. They'll even scream in a different language!

Private to me

Oh boy I hear we'll be traveling during the weekend! Isn't that lovely? -snicker-

I don't need to pack any clothes, but Miss Edith has a huge armoire and she refuses to go without her dress collection. She's such a vain littel lady! She's also excited Karasu is going with us! She doesn't like Ruka (I'm sure its envy? -snicker- OW! She spanked me



[screened from Miss Edith]Rando looks almost as good as her in Victorian lace! [/screened]


Okay dear students .. hmnhmn I know it has been a long year but we all know all things come to an end. *snicker*

Here are your grades... I dare you come and complain ^^!Collapse )

To Karasu and Ruka

The four of us, a plane, a castle. What can go wrong?

I was bored earlier today and went around checking information about our little pritty destination. And I found out we won't be alone oh nonono hehehe
Someone who lived in that castle wrote this:

"I was standing in the Gallery looking down at the main floor, when I felt somebody put a hand on my shoulder. The thing was about the size of a sheep. Thin guanting shadowy..., it's face was human, to be more accurate inhuman. Its lust in its eyes which seemed half decomposed in black cavities stared into mine. The horrible smell one hundred times intensified came up into my face, giving me a deadly nausea. It was the smell of a decomposing corpse."

Apparently we might meet someone called 'The Elemental'. Miss Edith wants to befriend him, he finds the decription quite entertaining. But I think I would rather kill him slowly. Mmhmmhmm decisions, decision...

I suppose we'll have to visit the town of Birr. We could even go shopping. I want some mummified leprechauns.

If you are interested in the castle, I found this article! Your best castle resource!